The Connected Device Group (CDG) was formed to serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for inventors of connected medical, industrial and consumer electronics devices. With a singular, distributed team, CDG is able to deliver high caliber mechanical, electrical and software engineering services at a competitive price. Great product ideas that were too prohibitive to launch in the past are now more feasible and economical.

Leadership team

Craig Hidalgo

Craig Hidalgo

Head of Mechanical Engineering & President of Definitive Design

 Harry Rieth

Harry Rieth

Head of Electrical Engineering & President of Affinity Technologies

Rick O'Brien

Rick O'Brien

Head of Software Engineering & President of SemperCon

Craig Hidalgo, Head of Mechanical Engineering & President of Definitive Design

Craig is an Engineering and Design Management Professional with more than twenty-five years of product development experience. As President of Definitive Design Corporation, he guides a powerful team of program managers, industrial designers, and engineers. A core strength is Craig’s ability to uncover, understand, and prioritize his customer’s and the end-user’s needs and requirements. This enables him to formulate an exacting development plan that satisfies those needs while maintaining compliance with the applicable guidelines for documentation control and design validation.

The country’s most respected healthcare and consumer products companies have benefited from Craig’s technical prowess. Medical clients in particular have benefited from Craig’s extensive experience in early stage medical device development programs. He is inventor of record on 17 patents in the fields of tissue ablation, deployable ultrasound devices, uterine treatment instruments, sharps protection, durable medical goods, and dental devices. Craig’s career has been characterized by his ability to identify innovative solutions to unique challenges while developing project plans that exceed customer expectations.

Harry Rieth, Head of Electrical Engineering & President of Affinity Technologies

Harry is an industry veteran with strong experience in electronic design, engineering, product development and sales. His engineering experience includes electronic design, product development and project management in a variety of areas including medical devices, computer products and test equipment. His product development experience includes system architecture and design, ASIC design, patent generation, domestic and international manufacturing, sales and customer support.

Harry has worked with several startups during early stage development and financing. This includes partnering with two other associates to form their own engineering consulting and product development company before selling this in 1999. As a consultant, Harry works closely with companies in areas related to electronic design, product development, component sourcing and manufacturing. Affinity projects include customer feasibility studies, connected wearable devices, smart appliances, geo-positioning units, and medical devices.

Rick O'Brien, Head of Software Engineering & President of SemperCon

Rick founded and has been running SemperCon for the last 9 years during which time he has helped design and develop well over 100 mobile, web and connected device applications. Prior to focusing on connected software, Rick came from a hardware background holding a BSEE from Penn State followed by years working in the semiconductor industry helping companies design advanced electronic products.

Rick is a serial entrepreneur and his first startup, PCvoice was an innovative connected digital voice device developed in 1994, which connected to PC via serial port. Moving into software Rick founded, which was one of the first mobile application companies. Airput secured major partnership with Sprint/Nextel a leading wireless provider.

In his 9 years running SemperCon, Rick has developed and perfected a design process which helps develop ideas from initial concept through design and development.