Gartner forecasts connected devices to double from 8.4 billion this year to 20 billion in 2020!

Newtown, PA—The Connected Device Group (CDG) was formed to make it easy for inventors to work with a ‘one stop shop’ for designing and building connected devices. Great product ideas that were impractical or uneconomical in the past are now possible due to the skilled utilization of these advances in hardware and software technologies. Once composed solely of mechanical and electrical parts, medical, industrial and consumer devices today have become complex systems that combine hardware, microprocessors, memory, sensors, software, and connectivity in myriad ways. These smart connected devices are made possible by exponential improvements in processing power, device miniaturization and by the benefits of ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

The Connected Device Group combines three established companies, each focused on one of the key building blocks of next generation smart connected devices.

  • Mechanical – Definitive Design uses the latest 3D CAD modeling and printing, together with established mechanical design and manufacturing techniques to quickly produce miniaturized, mobile and wearable devices. President Craig Hidalgo, “Our client’s devices are getting smaller and smarter, and we can now offer capabilities well beyond our imagination of just a few years ago.
  • Electrical – Affinity Technologies leverages new integrated ‘System On a Chip’ circuits, advanced battery technologies and the latest wireless modules to deliver compact, low cost, low power electrical system solutions. Founder Harry Rieth, “Great electrical designs need great mechanical interfaces to interact with the real world and connectivity to leverage the resulting data”.
  • Software – SemperCon builds mobile and web applications that allow smart devices to be ‘always connected’ and to tap into the unlimited power of cloud computing platforms. President Rick O’Brien, “SemperCon was founded based on the vision of ubiquitous connectivity and our CDG partners help us extend that vision to any new electronic device.”

The Connected Device Group is initially focusing on medical devices, industrial sensors and consumer wearables, and has already found strong interest from startup and established companies looking for a long-term partner for their new device designs. CDG offers the perfect combination of innovation, experience and value that gives their clients a competitive advantage in this fast-growing new market.

Got a great product idea and need an experienced team to help make it a reality?